TripAdvisor show how much they care with an off-the-shelf response

Some of our campaigners have been busy sending out emails to TripAdvisor requesting them to include contact details for their hotels, B&Bs, guesthouses etc. Of course we all hoped TripAdvisors response would be, – “Ooh sorry, yes of course we’ll get that fixed straight away” but of course that would be complete fantasy.

Instead TripAdvisor went to the trouble of penning a reply to our correspondents. It went something like this; “Thank you for contacting trip advisor and your interest in our Business Listings product. etc etc etc.” No need to carry on because in fact the replies so far have been an off-the-shelf generic response which does nothing to address the issues.

TripAdvisor, we’re waiting for a response.

Published on May 20th, 2010 Uncategorized


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