The direct booking experiment

Fairefees has conducted an experiment. We made enquiries about booking 10 rooms nights at different hotels across Scotland. Each hotel is listed on either or

Our line was:
“We are looking for a double room and found a price on laterooms/ of £xxx.00. Can you give us a better price if we book direct price please”

8 out for 10 hotels offered a better rate (2 couldn’t as the receptionists said they were not allowed to negotiate). The best saving was £15.00 on a £139.00 room and the total saving was £90.00 over 8 rooms. An average of just over £11.00 or 8% per room per night.

This is exactly what is about:

  • It connects the buyer and the seller directly online.
  • It delivers the best deal without the need for the buyer to call or check other sites.
  • No commission for someone getting greedy in the middle!
  • No commission means more for the seller even after discounting prices.

Published on June 14th, 2010 Uncategorized


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