The angry mob is closing in on TripAdvisor

How long can TripAdvisor continue to close their ears to the cries of angry hoteliers fed up with fake and untrue reviews about their businesses on the TripAdvisor website.

Now is gearing up to bring a possible “group defamation action” against the web giant TripAdvisor. KwikChex plans to initially present sample cases to TripAdvisor in the hope that they will reconsider their position. Presumably if this fails they will move forward with the action. This may be one of the first group actions against TripAdvisor but unless TripAdvisor changes their stance we predict it won’t be the last.

TripAdvisor must understand their responsibility to the industry. Sure, if someone had a genuine issue with their accommodation then in today’s world of the web why shouldn’t they warn others. On the other hand with it being so easy to post a comment their seems to have been a shift towards vicious retaliatory commenting. All very well but the comment should at least be traceable and the business should at least have the right to defend themselves.  With the economy looking shaky in many parts of the world, the last thing hoteliers need is unfair and damaging reviews to add to their woes.

Come on TripAdvisor – do the right thing!

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2 Responses to “The angry mob is closing in on TripAdvisor”

  1. Jesse M. says:

    Part of the problem is that TripAdvisor reviews tend to be negatively-biased by self selection of the reviewers. People are more likely to write about negative experiences than they are if everything went well.

  2. anonymous says:


    I congratulate you on your excellent campaign for fairer fees for accommodation providers. However, as a local booking agent myself, based in Edinburgh, I do feel that for many hoteliers we provide excellent marketing services, and certainly do not ask for 15%! Many hoteliers are too busy managing their accommodation, or do not have the experience/skills to market their rooms to the global market – it can be very daunting. This is where we, locally based booking agents, can assist hoteliers and justify our low commission rates.

    My company does a tremendous amount of online advertising, video production, web-design, off-line marketing, telemarketing, and networking to represent my hotel clients – and I feel we do a great job for them.

    I would like to remind everyone taking part in your campaign that local booking agents are also competing against the industry giants you mention. I’d also ask local hoteliers to get to know their local booking agents and work with them at much lower commission rates.

    Good luck with your campaign. We all need to work together on this.


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