Are we happy to pay 15%?

NO. Smart business owners are not happy paying 15%!  So what can we do about it?

1. Demand fairer fees
2. Develop better ways of promoting our businesses online.

Expedia, and other online booking services exploit the fact that ours is a highly fragmented industry with millions of independent accommodation providers. We must come together in order for our opinion to be heard!

Demand Fairer Fees at 5%

If we don’t ask, we won’t get! We must all demand Fairer Fees! The Fairer Fees Campaign is one way of bringing all the individual players in our market together – to give us a stronger, collective voice.

Sites such as and provide a comprehensive, one-stop-shop service which enables the customer to book travel elements all in one go and, as such, we do not support a total boycott. However we firmly believe that the current 15% commission fee is unrealistically high and, more importantly, unsustainable! We want commission rates to be cut to a fairer 5%.

Help YOUR Customers Book DIRECT!

The customer will benefit by booking direct.

It is clear that we must do more to support and encourage our customers to book direct. In so doing we reduce the need for continuous commission payments – and we can offer our guests a better deal.

To do this we must stop the underhand trickery used by online booking agents to poach customers wanting to book direct. Find out how.

We must also consider the alternatives which empower us to do business online, direct! Find out more.

Your Voice Counts!

Add you voice to the Fairer Fees Campaign and Register your support here!

We are not alone in taking action!

Many other industries are reassessing the way they market their businesses online.

Insurers, like Direct Line and Aviva for example, have cut out comparison sites completely, eradicating commission fees. They invite customers to go direct for better rates instead.

Such insurers are, however, big household names with huge advertising budgets at their disposal. Replacing the middle-man with a high-profile TV advertising campaign for example is not typically a viable option for the smaller, independent hotel, B&B proprietor or Self Catering provider.

Airlines and car hire companies however have also reassessed the way they do business with online booking agents. They’ve negotiated a much better deal and, while they continue to work with online booking agents, they’re certainly not paying an excessive 15% commission rate!  It is this approach that we must strive to follow!

Direct booking is best for the accommodation provider and the consumer alike.

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