How they take even more money

Do you think online booking companies just want you to pay 15% on room bookings? Think again!

The “Extras” Greed

Not content with taking 15% of the hotel room value, many online sites now want 15% commission on breakfasts, meals and drinks sold in the hotel – not to mention 15% commission on extras like flowers or chocolates in the room. They call it “added value” but in reality this is a really transparent bid to squeeze a lot more money from the hotelier!

The “Ranking” Greed

Want to appear better on the website? Certainly, Sir! And how much would you like to pay for that? Many sites encourage you to pay more to be ranked higher up in their search results. Yet another way of squeezing more money out of your business.

The “Use our Superb Booking Engine” Scam

Once you’ve signed up with an online booking company, and you’ve agreed to pay them your 15% commission, you may then be offered a subsequent ‘juicy’ deal:  To use their booking engine software to run your online bookings on your own site.

The cost to you? Only 3 or 4% of the booking value. Sounds like a great deal – or is it?

Considering that there are many online providers offering a low, fixed charge for this same service it’s simply not a wise move to pay an online booking company for this “extra”. An extra which not only generates greater revenue for them but ensures you keep the 15% inventory available to them and helps them build their customer database so that they can keep tapping your customers for 15% commission on any future booking they make.  Genius!


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