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We want to hear from you. Please share with us your experiences and thoughts regarding being listed on commission based travel accommodation portals. Who’s charging you 15% commission? How much do you think you lose every year in commission fees? What would you spend your saved money on? The questions are endless. Help us build a picture of what everyone is feeling.

We will check your submissions before publishing them so try not to write anything that might land us in court.

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59 Responses to “Tell us your experiences”

  1. Sandra Hill says:

    I lost my phone and sent emails to booking so that they would put a new phone number asap, because I could not access my account in without it. They never replied. I finally got through about 10 – 14 days later and they changed the phone number. By the time I got into my account they had sent a huge bill. When I checked it, there were 4 commissions for 4 reservations that had not taken place. I asked them to re-do the invoice without those people who had never stayed in my place. They refused and said I didn’t know how to administer my business. They started bombarding the market with publicity for my hostel, which was then redirected to other accommodations because they blocked me. They were hooked to tripadvisor and several other booking sites. I suffered tremendously almost to the point of having to close my business! They have forced me into paying them which has been almost impossible. They are manipulating the market, and should be stopped. They have no values or consideration for small enterprises. They just want our money and give nothing in exchange.

  2. Sandra Hill says:

    I am DISGUSTED with both and Tripadvisor sent me an article about their system and it says, the more up to date your reviews are the better. The ‘algorhithm’ system is not accurate, they stuck a bad review under my name looking like a slogan, from over 2 years ago, whilst I have almost 30 reviews that are more recent and much better! They told me that the system chooses the two latest reviews that correspond with the overall rating, but this is untrue. What they do is, if you have any qualms with any of their connectivity partners, you get blacklisted and they paste a bad review on the search results under your name, written by somebody who hasn’t necessarily even stayed in your hostel. Then they put a link to the connectivity partner you have problems with and make it so that noone can find your rates. I can live with some bad reviews (it’s hard to make everyone happy all the time) but I can’t accept that they stick an offensive comment right under my name on a random search result. Tripadvisor, booking and others want to take 15% of micro businesses’ gross earnings (most rates include breakfast!) and have the power to manipulate the reputation of the business without ever having set foot in them. What was supposed to be a tool has become a weapon! I can’t even cancel my account with tripadvisor unless I close my business. How often does the algorithm change the review? How many other businesses have they black-listed? What’s the truth behind tripadvisor policies?

  3. Hotelier says:

    Late rooms charge minimum of 17% commission now which is a total rip off, they also have this ridiculous way of passing customers valuable credit card details, if you need a hotel room…any where NEVER use late rooms always best to book direct with the hotel, for everyone except these rip off merchants, who often practise illegally

  4. Catherine says:

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Having used and their ilk in the past, I’ve worried increasingly about how much these sites siphon off in commission, and now you’ve spelled it out for me! Makes me sick.

    For sure, I’ll make more effort to direct-book in future!

  5. Spikey says:

    I booked two rooms B&B through at £105, when I went to the hotel site and saw their tariffs, they had an early summer offer and the same room with evening meal is £95!! I contacted as they say they will match any lower price. They said they can’t find the offer? I have sent a screen shot showing the cheaper price and await their response. I also contacted the hotel and was told that because of the large amount of commission charged by, they couldn’t let me have the rooms at the cheaper price.

    As they say, “Buyer beware” go direct where you can and stay away from money making commission sites. Lesson learnt too late!

  6. Andy H says:

    I’m a business user, my colleagues and I stay away 2-3 nights a week across the UK. We use Expedia because it lists hotels by location.

    Some hotels, on arrival offer us a deal to book direct next time. Because it’s paid by work, a beer or room upgrade works best.

    If hotels stop listing on Expedia, you will lose business trade. We don’t have time to go looking through individual sites.

    Not sure if it’s any help, but if you convert a few regular business users to booking direct, it’ll do me than covering 3 or 4 casual customers. Good luck with the campaign.

  7. anonymous says:

    Laterooms fees are going up to 17% form Jan2014.
    15% wasn’t fair or in the smaller business interest so 17% is scandalous!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dee says:

    As a guest I used for the first time, because Expedia at that time did not offer any rooms in that area. It was my first and last booking with

    I do not know how it works between and Hotels but I have booked in USD and have been charged in CRC ($10 more). Its funny how you never pay less, you always pay more. The exchange rate USD/CRC did not change at all but I am paying higher price. I never got response from or the Hotel where I asked to send me the invoice.

    The question I have is about “self-classified hotels”. I understand the meaning, but as a customer I am little worried about all these different types of rating. I thought 4* Hotel should provide quality, now there are so many different website providing different ratings for the same Hotel. What should I believe as a customer? If I book 4* I am expecting 4*, I do not care if its “self-classified” or not. is showing this Hotel as 4* and now that I have checked Expedia and, they are showing it as 3*. After I provided my complaints about the hotel and sent the pictures, was still not ready to change the rating. They are selling it as 4* and at the price of $192.

  9. Petra Hotels says:

    They force us to pay 20% if we would like our hotel to stay at the first page. The problem with bad hotels that Booking_Com deal with. Booking_Com offer them to wipe all the bad comments and to stay on the top of other hotels at the first page with 50% commission. This is a cheating by Booking_Com on the people using their website.

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