What have we done?

15% commission fees are a major concern. Higher costs impact on individual businesses and, ultimately, on the consumer.

Throughout trade and industry, more businesses are taking steps to ensure a better online deal: either by cutting out the online middle men, or by negotiating fairer fees.

We do not advocate a complete boycot of online booking engines. But we do believe that asking for a fairer business relationship with these global corporations is a necessity for every accommodation business.

So what have we done? Well, we’ve set up the Fairer Fees Campaign to help drive forward the demand for fairer fees and fairer business practices. Next, we’ve teamed up with some IT experts and a booking entrepreneur and we’ve developed feasible alternatives for business owners:

A new accommodation portal

We’ve created www.letsbookrooms.com where, right now you can list your travel accommodation absolutely FREE including a link to a commission-free accommodation booking system of your choice. All we ask is that, on joining, you add the letsbookrooms.com icon on your website to help us raise awareness about the cost benefits of booking direct. Find out more here at LetsBookRooms – Get Listed.

Consider Your Options with Care

We draw your attention to the online marketing alternatives. They all work a bit like Booking.com, Laterooms, Expedia et cetera, the benefit is you don’t lose 15% every time you take a booking! It’s simply a matter of choosing what works best for you and your business. Here’s a list to help get you started with your research:


We believe that the fairer business model offered by LetsBook.com and these more cost-effective online marketing alternatives have the potential to save our industry millions of Euros, Dollars, Pounds, et cetera, every year.

The benefits to you?

0% commission lost on direct bookings taken via your own website plus 0% commission lost on added value sales.

And as for the global online booking sites? We are pushing for fairer commission rate to benefit customers and business owners alike!

You’ve nothing to lose… but plenty to gain in direct bookings!

Get listed now at www.letsbookrooms.com.  Together we can achieve a fairer way!

Demand a Fairer Deal Today!

If you believe that the time is right for reduced fees and a better deal for the accommodation sector, join us. Demand a fairer deal today!