What should accommodation providers do?

The Fairer Fees Campaign is gaining momentum. There is widespread support for our aims and this is your chance to be part of something big! It’s clear. The time for change is now! But to bring about positive change we need a strong, collective and concerted voice from all  accommodation providers, worldwide!

Here’s what you should do:

  1. First, join the Fairer Fees Campaign! Registering is really easy, and we’ll keep you up updated on what’s happening.
  2. Register and get your accommodation listed on www.letsbookrooms.com we aim to make this the biggest accommodation portal in the world where consumers know that the listed business  has paid a small flat fee and that when they book the accommodation is not required to pay any commission. Put the logo on your site and join the community.
  3. Get an online commission-free booking engine on your own website – See a list of suppliers here.
  4. Pass the Fairer Fees message to your industry colleagues and e-mail friends and supporters of your business. Ask your contacts to join the Fairer Fees Campaign and spread the word amongst their industry contacts too. Let’s get this sorted!
  5. Get together locally as a group – these global online booking corporations rely on the fact that we are many, individual and mostly smaller businesses. Collectively we’re a stronger force to reckon with!
  6. Ask business organisations including your local Chamber of Commerce and local Tourism agency for their support. They can sign up to the Fairer Fees Campaign here.
  7. E-mail your online booking company today and ask for a fairer 5% commission rate. Sign up to the Fairer Fees Campaign and receive a sample e-mail.
  8. E-mail your online booking company and demand they immediately stop using your hotel name on Pay-Per-Click advertising. Sign up to the Fairer Fees Campaign and receive a sample e-mail.
  9. E-mail Tripadvisor and demand they publish your web address, telephone number and e-mail address. Sign up to the Fairer Fees Campaign and receive a sample e-mail.
  10. Get your phone number listed where it should be i.e on Yell.com.
  11. Offer better rates for bookings made on your own site and make sure your customers know that they will benefit most by booking direct.
  12. Reduce your availability on commission-based sites to just a few room types so that people will look directly on your own site for more options.
  13. Register your business with fixed-fee, low rate portals and try to get as many free or low-cost links and listings as you can.

These are relatively quick and easy activities to achieve. We’ve even provided sample e-mails for you to use – just change the name and contact details and you’re on your way to a fairer way of doing business with online booking companies!


Register your support here!

Let Us Know How You Get On!

Please keep in touch! We want to hear all about the results you achieve by taking direct action! And remember, you can follow the Fairer Fees Campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Happy Campaigning!