Why Campaign?

Created by a team of  web-savvy business experts, this site raises concerns affecting accommodation providers all over the world. We want fairer fees for all. We urge you to read this site and sign up to our campaign. The actions of many 1000’s of accommodation providers cannot be ignored. Momentum for this campaign is picking up and our collective voice is growing stronger by the hour.

The Fairer Fees Campaign challenges the market dominating practices of the large online internet booking providers – companies like Expedia, Booking.com and Laterooms who, with the help of affiliation sites, now control around 60% of the travel industry’s online presence.

We expose:

  1. Excessive Commission Fees
  2. Increasing demands for Room Parity Rates
  3. Restrictive marketing tricks which stop your customers from booking direct.

We highlight:

  1. Large unnecessary losses to individual accommodation businesses
  2. Losses in income for the accommodation sector and the knock-on effect for local economies
  3. Rising hotel commission costs which may be passed on to the consumer.

We call for:

  1. Fair commission charges for accommodation providers worldwide.
  2. Fair marketing practices to ensure our customers find it easier to book direct
  3. The ability to offer customers better prices direct.

Is your business being stung by commission fees, room parity rules and reduced direct bookings?


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